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On the 21st of September 2018 Paul Wayne Joined the dStadia Board.

Paul has become the consummate, international Business Networking Expert.

His work has taken him across the globe and he has developed business networks into global brands, serviced by 30+ staff who have then expanded the operation across most continents and regions. He is self taught, results driven, a passionate marketing professional, and constantly leverages his wealth of experience in order to help organizations and their leaders achieve their objectives.


, dStadia The World’s 1st VR DACC. Compete, Spectate & Speculate.


He has become an expert in the virtual world. He loves helping both people and organizations not only get to grips with the power of emerging social and interactive technology, but he has also built the right networks, credibility and connections to ensure he remains at the forefront of future developments.

He strongly believes that organizations should nurture entrepreneurial skills through their leaders, and that leaders are fundamental in aligning the culture with the businesses. This then ensures people, knowledge and innovation are connected to achieve even greater things

He is also CEO of B2BGlobalNetworks


, dStadia The World’s 1st VR DACC. Compete, Spectate & Speculate.


Visit the B2BGlobalNetworks website here: