Play all games for free. Speculate on your own competitive skill using tokens in Player versus Player (PVP) matches with the option to set a percentage of your winnings to be donated to your favourite Causes.


Fans can speculate from the Lobby areas on the results of upcoming tournaments. Fans can watch their friends compete and earn nominal amounts of the dStadia token for spectating their friends.


Developers are the cornerstone of dStadia so we give a hyper competitive, tokenised payout rate of  90% of all the tokenised transaction fees occurring in a successfully elected game. Developers are also rewarded for game submissions with non fungible unique tokens for their achievements.


Causes are not for profit entities, personal causes and crowdfunding initiatives. Any player can nominate a Cause for inclusion into dStadia. Elected Causes receive huge donations from dStadia Tournaments.


Have their own unique token to incentivise it’s competitor members to continue improving their sporting performance for mutual benefit. When a clan wins a tournament the prize pot is split between the constituent members equally.


Tribes are large groups of players such as eSports organisations. Tribes are formed by an aggregation of Clans and Fans. Tribes will have their own sub tokens distributed to constituent clans and fans based on performance and participation levels.