dSta ERC20 Tokens

There is a total fixed supply of 750,000,000 dSta. 150,000,000 tokens for board, advisors and active team. 300,000,000 dSta for sale across all periods. Leaving 300,000,000 dSta in reserve for our VR Faucet, Contingency fund and Early Investors pool.

Public Pre Sale

With an objective raise of 1,000 ETH, the dStadia Pre Sale will run for 28 days with 3,857,143 dSta tokens for sale at 0.00027 ETH each. Equating to approximately $0.10 USD or £0.07 GBP per dSta token.

Public Main Sale

With an objective raise of 100,000 ETH, the dStadia main sale will last for 90 days from  May to August with 296,142,857 dSta tokens for sale at ETH price equating to $0.14 USD or £0.10 GBP.

Investor Opportunities

If you are a small family office or angel investor . Included in our 300,000,000 portion of tokens for VR Faucet and Growth are 40,000,000 dSta for sale to investors at $25k or more input for an ETH price equated to $0.07 USD or £0.05 GBP. Contact us to find out more.

1 to 1 Airdrop

dStadia ERC20 tokens will be airdropped before RC1 release in Q4 2019 at a non diluting ratio of 1 to 1 for EOS based dStadia tokens.

Token Purposes

The ERC20 ETH tokens are used to raise initial funding for dStadia. The EOS tokens will be speculative utility tokens. Competitors can enter dStadia eSports tournaments with them and fans can speculate on match outcomes with them. the umbrella dStadia EOS token will be fungible, however sub tokens belonging to competitors and clans are non fungible and brand value is represented through calculated performance metrics.

Token Sale Compliance

To participate in the dStadia Crowdsales or VR faucet or Alpha and Beta test groups you must first sign up to dStadia providing all required information for KYC compliance and confirm your email address to be added to the dStadia Whitelist.