Posterity Mandate

dStadia’s constitution mandates cause and charity donations from transaction fees with all P2P speculations as well as tournament donations to be instantly sent, free, cross border and immutably and transparently recorded on the generation 3 Blockchain EOS.

Causes Get Donations

Democratically elected causes will receive donations in the form of dStadia tokens to a their EOS wallet address.


Causes are Not-For-Profit entities, personal causes, or startups and crowdfunding initiatives. Any player can nominate a Cause for inclusion into dStadia’s ‘Community Donation Eligibility Poll’ (CDEP).

Self Regulating

All our community participation incentives focus on fair remuneration in tokens for behaviours that positively impact the community wide ecosystem.

Tokenised Civic Rewards

dStadia rewards civic responsibility. Actions which deliver the dStadia community higher elements of civic responsibility will carry a proportionally higher participation reward.