Be Welcomed

, dStadia The World’s 1st VR DACC. Compete, Spectate & Speculate.

Be Inclusive

Inclusivity is one of the driving principles behind decentralised application adoption, a tacit social driver of block chain and so in dStadia everyone is inclusively welcomed.

Be Empowered

Horizontally scalable Blockchain 3.0 protocols enable humans to revisit past axiological and economic assumptions to birth new types of autonomous human communities set in virtual worlds. Be a part of the Blockchain revolution. Be a part of dStadia.

Be Respectful

In a decentralised system, reputation is everything. dStadia will utilise a reputation system similar to the Steemit community, meaning you’re only as good as your reputation, some tournaments require higher rep. Be Civil to be eligible.

Be Valued

You can be a part of the first post-Blockchain era DACs. New human communities enabled by real time digital democracy through continuous self funding worker proposals and dStadia will present this all in VR & AR.

Be Free

Join a self policing and self arbitrating community of eSports performance speculation and autonomous charitable donations and decentralisation will set you and the other humans around you free.

Be Involved

, dStadia The World’s 1st VR DACC. Compete, Spectate & Speculate.