The World’s 1st IOT gaming platform integrating VR, Blockchain & Smart Clothing

Smart clothing for sports, virtual reality and medicine with kinetic and bio data providing financial liquidity decentralized on the EOS blockchain and smart social capital

Play, Compete, Earn & Donate

dStadia enables everyone to create kinetic data through play and earn with our proprietary blockchain 3.0 platform which brings tokenised financial liquidity for kinetic big data to pro sports and medicine.


Become better at Sports with AI analysis from your kinetic data

dStadia “re-presents” kinetic data in a tokenised and speculative form. dStadia is a VR eSports EOS dApp and kinetic data exchange with optional tokenised, match speculations and smart donations to democratically elected not-for-profit causes.

Smart Charity Donations

Automatically make the real world a better place while you compete in the virtual reality worlds or in real life sports.

Vote on which Not-For-Profit causes get donations from tournament proceeds and even nominate your own Not-For-Profit cause for inclusion into dStadia.

Why A Blockchain?

Transparency. You own your own kinetic data on the blockchain. Opt in to resell your data on the immutable transparent transaction ledger technology known as blockchain, or keep your data. You decide.

Governance in Decentralization

Security versus horizontal scalability, perpetual centralization of mining pools and centralist intrinsic governance issues plague all Proof-Of-Work consensus algorithm based decentralized communities once they scale up.

Big Data Driven Democracy

Dan Larimer’s Delegated-Proof-Of-Stake consensus algorithm affords more flexible real time, democratic voting systems and near free P2P transactions with only 0.5 second transaction, or block times EOS scales horizontally. Blockchain 3.0.

Road Map

Q4 2017

Team Building

Q1 2018

White Paper Completed

Q2 2018

dStadia Faucet Opens

Q3 2018

Token Sale Opens

Q4 2018

Initial Platform Development Phase

Q1-Q2 2019

EOS Blockchain Intagration

Q3-Q4 2019

Initial Public Test Release

dStadia Board

Tom Vivian

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Jason RM Smith

Chief Product Officer & Founder

Paul Wayne

Chief Marketing Officer

Russell Burke

Chief Financial Officer

Sam Beer

Chief Operations Officer

David Nicholls

Chief Technical Officer

Joanne Tracey

Chief Happiness Officer

dStadia Advisors

Martin Gossling

Technical Advisor

Evan Hirsch

Strategic Advisor

Alex Brook

Business Development

Sonia Hutchison

Charity Advisor

Iain Chedburn

Charity Advisor

Andrew Forbes-Haley

Medical Consultant

James Klein

Legal Advisor

Nicholas Casagrande

Financial Advisor

dStadia Partners

Speculation Regulations

By constitutional mandate, there will be no games of chance available to players throughout dStadia. All speculations that occur in dStadia are speculations on skill and performance only. dStadia does not enable third party gambling organisations.

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