VR & AR Games

dStadia RC1 will be launched with a suite of custom built virtual reality games. Developers will be able to submit their own games for voted inclusion to become part of the dStadia game pool.

Speculation Regulations

By constitutional mandate, there will be no games of chance available to players throughout dStadia. All speculations that occur in dStadia are speculations on skill and performance only. dStadia does not enable third party gambling organisations.


Tournaments can be team games or PVP knockouts and will be held periodically such as monthly or annually. Individual player versus player tournaments would be regionally based and conform to geographic locale. To enter a tournament will require an entry fee in dstadia tokens.


Players who have won a tournament will have their username and picture displayed as well as their collected winnings and any voluntary winnings donations, immutably recorded on a blockchain.

Non-Fungible Trophies

Trophy tokens are unique to their respective events. Contained within each trophy token are the blueprints for 3D printing that digital trophy into a real life, physical trophy you can hold in your hands.