dStadia will operate an openly transparent, public transaction ledger providing accountability for all transactions involving value exchange as well as voting and election ledgers.

Democratically Determined Eligibility

dStadia will operate multiple voting systems  creating a dynamic flow of cause inclusion and exclusion, as well as fluid autonomy and truly democratic, intrinsic government.

Delegated POS

Delegated Proof of Stake or DPOS means dStadia will allow users to delegate their voting power on matters like Worker Proposals or Tournament Custodians Elections.


Custodians oversee sporting events in a referee capacity and are voted in via a two stage process, 1st a Community Custodian Eligibility Poll or CCEP then 2nd a  Community Custodian Election or CCE for accountable, competitive refereeing.


dStadia also has Curators, whom oversee community communications and settle disputes within clans and tribes. Curators are voted in via Community Curator Election or CCE.

Weekly CI Reports

From RC1 dStadia will publish weekly transaction ledgers for each environment and “Consumer Intelligence” reports on Curator and Custodian candidates.

Informed Decisions

Our goal is to help the community learn more about prospective entities making decisions in their network, this improved visibility inspires better informed voting.

Healthy Governance

An intrinsic part of an efficient democratic process requires an informed and engaged electorate and mandated Consumer Intelligence reports will perform an important role in dStadia’s ongoing democratic integrity.